Islands: In search of Brave New Worlds


In search of Brave New Worlds

It’s 1969. John and his friend Mike are living and working in Manhattan, making money for their big trip. John eventually becomes disillusioned. He wants to experience somewhere more ‘real’...

Two friends on a journey of self-discovery as the winds of change blow through the Caribbean.

…an extraordinary memoir… Written with passion and integrity.

…explores how colonialism has, from its very beginnings, altered the lives of everyone it has touched.

Exceptionally well crafted - very readable - highly recommended - great book.

Travel back to 1969 in New York and then onto island hopping in the Caribbean. A history book wrapped in a coming of age book.

An engrossing and thought provoking read.

Difficult to put down and a pleasure to read.

Dieppe Bay, St Kitts
Dieppe Bay, St Kitts